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Vegetable Spaghetti Recipes


Want to try something different? Want a Great Recipe the whole Family will love?


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Milano Brothers Vegetable Spaghetti is getting sweeter and sweeter each and every year.
As the people that have been purchasing for a few years would have noticed.
There has been great feed back that more and more young children have been eating our Vegetable Spaghetti.
This alone says a lot!
This is achieved by Milano Brothers working hard on this result over the past number of years.
For us to create sweetness and longer shelf life in our Vegetable Spaghetti, we do things the natural way by pollinating our crops with a great number of bee hives and keep the seeds from a specially planted crop and carefully hand select the seeds to re-sow the following year.
We pride on growing the best eating Vegetable Spaghetti in the world.

Any other Vegetable Spaghetti is very bland!

This is our passionate focus with our Vegetable Spaghetti.
It has not been achieved in a passionate way in Australia before!

Even though at times you may see that they can have a rough or marked skin, this is purely because we don't use any insecticides or chemicals on our crop.
But we do use a light copper based fungicide, just the same as you can buy at a supermarket for roses and ect to help stop any rott if they get a heavy rain at a early stage at flower sett before any fruit forms on the plant if needed to protect them.
So, it really does not matter how they look.
You don't eat the skin, it's the tasty flesh under the skin that really does count with everyone's taste buds


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